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Transporting a boat over land

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How to transport/ship a boat?

Our Gemini 3200 is a 32 foot sailing catamaran named Ariel. Ariel was sitting on Lake Lanier near Atlanta, Ga. While the lake is beautiful, it is tough trying to sail around the world when surrounded by land. So, we faced the daunting task of having our sailboat moved from Atlanta to Savannah Ga, where we would be launching our quest from.

Finding very little information on the Internet regarding the actual mechanics of putting a boat on a truck and moving it, we spent a lot of time talking to boat yard people and transporters. The consequence of this research was a successful transport of Ariel to her new home in Savannah.

In the days before the actual transport, we spent a lot of time removing personal items, emptying water tanks, unstepping the mast, removing the standing rigging, wrapping the mast, and more. The morning of the actual event ended up being quite uneventful. Our boat was loaded onto the truck, upon a set of custom braces (a cradle for the boat), and off she went. 8 hours later, we received a call from boat yard letting us know the boat made it, and we also talked to the transporter (Ken Andrews of First Choice) who confirmed the same thing.

Facing this task with no experience, and zero idea of how the whole thing worked, made for quite an adventure. We hope that the pictures that follow helps other novices build and gain confidence in how loading and shipping your family member, your boat, works.

Below is a photo montage of the process of loading the boat onto a truck for transport.

And THAT is all it is!