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Buy Us A Round of Ice Cream!

Would you like to become a member of our virtual crew and help us take the journey? All you have to do is buy us a round of ice cream!

Ice cream is our girls favorite treat, and we've taken upon ourselves to taste ice cream from all around the world. Since we will be living without a freezer, we will be buying ice cream from local shops as we go; we will have to eat it right on the spot! Tough duty we know. To handle the funding of our mission, we are seeking virtual crew members ... those whom donate $5 to this cool cause.

Virtual crew members get special treatment ... they are, after all, the ice cream benefactors! Virtual crew members get access to a special section of the website that contains non-public information.

In addition to sharing with you our spend logs, if you buy us a round of ice cream ($5), we will share with you an eBook that details what we did to save for the trip. The 20+ page eBook contains only those actions that produced some sort of positive result in our quest. While we can't guarantee you will bank $100,000, you will gain far more than 5 bucks if you apply what we share in this eBook.

You will also be placed on the virtual crew member roll. This isn't a duty roster! This is a list of people who've seen fit to help us in our journey with some ice cream. We will update the virtual crew with information about the trip that we won't make publicly available.

Fair Winds, and thank you for considering buying us a round of ice cream!

Dy loves ice cream.
KJ loves ice cream.